Top rated kitchen appliance 2018 – An Intro

By the time you get home from office, all your hard work throughout day leaves you drained. There’s always a little question mark when it comes to deciding your dinner menu and then you have to actually get to cooking it. Not to mention, after this daily exercise of racking your brain and standing in front of the stove, there’s still one thing left to be done – washing the dishes. With all of this, even the little time you do get to spend at home, hardly allows you to unwind by yourself. Which is why, this dishwasher from Faber’s range of electric kitchen appliances will be the best gift you give yourself.


The FDW SA 8PR 14S HE dishwasher will be your best friend in the kitchen and lessen your load of washing the dishes without hassle. With 14 place settings, it will help you save time, as the estimated time you take to wash individual dishes is way more than the time it takes to load the dishwasher. After all, once you load it, it doesn’t require you to do anything! Whether it’s washing plates, cups, glasses or your forks and knives this dishwasher takes care of it all. Being the best model available from Faber’s luxury kitchen appliances, it has features such that will leave you in awe. Equipped with eight washing programs, six different washing temperatures and three water spray arms, the dishwasher will make your crockery, cutlery and utensils spotlessly clean with the perfect care. Not to mention, this range of luxury kitchen appliances are also able to sanitize your dishes with the help of the perfect water temperature setting for killing germs.Feel free to find more information at top rated kitchen appliance 2018.

Being one of the top rated dishwashers by Faber, it comes with a height adjustable upper basket as well as a cutlery basket. Also, the upper and lower basket shelves are such that they can be folded as per your requirements. The dishwasher system has been developed with smart technology that softens water while washing, no matter which of the seven programs it is running – intensive, normal, eco, glass, 1 hour, rapid or soak – and dries everything naturally. Also, on the upside, with it being energy efficient, the appliance will also save you money.

The built in dishwasher, with a white finish and an uncluttered display screen blends in perfectly with your kitchen decor while saving you space. After all, Faber has the best electric kitchen appliances in town!